The Mother Ship (FLOBERT)

We are very proud of this horse box indeed, its truly a great addition to any event, in a classic burgundy, with a stall built of the side which is covered in burgundy and cream regency stripe, it has enabled us to create such a wonderful area, surrounded by the tables, chairs and white picket fencing, its a brilliant place to while away some time. It has a great market style vibe, with all the piled high patisserie in there wicker baskets, plenty of hustle and bustle, porridge in the morning then later in the day out come the pancakes.

….. when Flobert turns up, you know the carnival has come to town …..

Shrunken V W’s (Florence and Albert)

We have two of these fantastically versatile bits of kit, they can go anywhere anytime, and with the surf boards on top they are real head turners, fully kitted out and ready for any size job, after all these little gems have been to the Olympics.

Pop Up Stalls

In one hour these excellent little additions can be set up and ready to serve, we have a few variations, whether they are covered in flowers and lights for the festivals or a more slick corporate look, still with the same coffee, patisserie and pancake format… its a winner!!!! Currently these are at the Football and the Rugby but are always available, they are 3m x3m and are totally self contained. We bake all the patisserie on site and always promise the best coffee in a field.